Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rhine River Cruise 2011

We've been on this cruise twice now and have loved it so much! It's definitely a "DO NOT MISS THIS," in Germany.  We were able to see 18 castles along the cruise.  My best friend from Las Vegas, Stephanie Busby, came with her husband, Matt Galusha to visit us and we took them on this adventure.  We took a nice long, steep walk up to Burg Rheinfels and enjoyed all it's glory.  From putting Holly into the stocks, to crawling in old tunnels, it was well worth the climb.  Enjoy.  And yes there are many more photos to come!!!  Miss all our family and friends, but if you find the time come visit us, we'll show you a good time!  Guten Tag!

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Holly said...

It's beautiful, Tiff! It looks like so much fun!